there is a speck of useless "sand" in every token
we are proudly the most useless token the world has ever seen. 



After witnessing the historic rise of Million Token ($MM), we thought to ourselves, what is it that makes Million Token special?  The conclusion we came up with was, absolutely nothing.

So we created Thousand Million with the identical code as Million Token, but with a slight AND ingenious twist ... We only have 1,000 tokens.

We have no aspiration of making profit nor future development.  We literally made this token for shits and giggles.

I would NOT recommend that you buy this token.  Keep in mind, the founder of this token doesn't even know what he is doing. He literally woke up one day and said, "let me copy Million Token's code in order to learn more about smartcontracts".

We have no plan, no aspiration...nothing. We are trash. More trash than you can imagine.

... But, we do use the identical code as Million Token.  Except we only have 1,000 tokens available for sale.

BUT THE GOOD THING IS: WE WILL HAVE LOCKED LIQUIDITY. NO RUG PULLING WHATSOEVER.  But this is mainly because the founder of this token will no longer even glance at it once it is pushed out


We have no goals. We exist for the sake of existing


We are literally a copy of Million Token

Just as there is a majestic "LION" in every Million Token, there is a speck of insignificant "sand" in every Thousand Token

short term plan

Nothing. Just get the code out there and catch some eye balls.


We are a trash token that was created for the sake of being created.

That's it.


where to buy -